Best DJ Record Pools – Reviews to Help Your Disc Jockey Career

November 30, 2015

Finding the best DJ records pool can be a difficult challenge, that is exactly why I decided to review it for your pleasure (you’re welcome!).

DJ record pools are awesome tools that can save the aspiring disc jockey a ton of time. Even if you’re just starting out I would recommend getting a membership to a record pools database. The reasoning why is that the disc jockey professional is already spending SO much time getting gigs, setting up the venues, practicing your performances, remaining present in your local market to-dj-record-pools-online-reviewand answering prospective client questions…

It’s really easy to lose yourself to the other aspects of your business and avoid growing your library to continually innovate your live DJ performances. Not to mention creating your own beats as a producer that you can sell down the road for a bit of passive income coming in.

The truth is, especially if you’re just starting out, having a good DJ record pool to pull tracks from can be a huge advantage in terms of time. It’s SUPER important to realize your DJ business is… a business not just a hobby. So treat it like one.

In any area where you can streamline your time more effectively, you effectively raise your hourly wage with your business and cut off a lot of headaches from forming in the process.

So keep looking out for those rare songs and tracks to add to your DJ music library, but use a DJ record pool that you can leverage to fill up your library quickly so you can go out and perform cash-earning gigs. You can even use that cash to outsource someone to go then and spend that time finding these rare gems for you while you continually focus on growing your disc jockey business.

When it comes to whether you should download an entire album or just an individual song, it really just depends. Some songs are album outliers in that they provide a different sound than any of the other tracks on the album. While in other cases, an entire artist’s album might be a fortuitous thing for a DJ set.

It’s up to your judgement on that one.

By the way, if you’re new to being a disc jockey and are just starting to look into what the best DJ pools are online, you really won’t have to worry about finding songs or tracks in certain genres and categories. Most of the time it is plainly labeled. As you grow as a disc jockey, you’ll learn the distinctive sound differences between say… EDM (electronic dance music) and Country.

Big difference, I know, but start small! Soon your ears will be able to know the exact difference between Calmstep and Brostep Dubstep.

Just takes practice.

Now since I’ve kind of highlight why it is a good thing to look for the top DJ record pools out there, let’s get into the actual reviews of these various music databases to see how they can help you in your DJ career.

What Are the Best Digital Record Pools for DJs?

Today, disc jockeys have a lot of different places they can go to when it come sto finding new records. to play. It use to be that in order to find tracks you'd have to get in touch wtih regional record pool owners, but thanks to the internet it has all been converted into digital media. Many of these have thousands of songs, tracks and audios you can download for your dj business literally within minutes of signing up for a membership.

Save time, build your DJ business and mix some rad beats. Let's dive deep into the top online DJ record pools!​ 

Here is a list of some of the solutions out there for DJs wanting a good digital record pool to pull from. Below this list I am going to dive deeper into what I personally consider to be the best of the best and why that is (and how it can help you grow your DJing career).

Digital DJ Record Pools


Franchise Pool

$19.99 / Month

IDJ Pool

$50.00 / Month

My MP3 Pool

$19.99 / Month

Digital DJ Pool

$12 / Month & $1 five-day trial

DJCity Review - Why DJ City is My Favorite Choice for Online Record Pools

DJCity Record Pool
DJCity Review

I’ll try to be as thorough as I can with this DJCity Review, but you should really check it out yourself too. Everyone’s needs as a DJ whether you’re a wedding DJ, club scratcher or mobile DJ is going to have different needs, so it’s important decide what you want.

When it comes to digital record pools, I think they’re an essential tool at least until you get a good library of music built up when you’re starting out. It’s a major time saver. That being said, a lot of DJ record pools that are online just are not that good. Even the good ones often have a crazy design and are super unintuitive. 

The layout that DJCity has is very modern. It is easy on the eyes, not some monstrous beast from the late 90s still croaking with a resemblance of life. That’s a very important feature for me by the way, if you couldn’t tell by the colorful description.

You can literally preview all the new releases right from the front page without having to dig through a hundred categories and subcategories. It also saves a ton of time in that you can filter these new releases by genres so you’re not digging through endless hip hop music when you’re actually looking for a sweet new EDM tune to use for your performances. 

Along with this new release function, you have a widget to the side that will show what songs are trending currently – all done through an algorithm based off other users rating the songs. I find this really useful for a couple reasons.

  1. The people rating these songs are actually using DJCity which means these are other disc jockey professionals, many of them with far more experience than me, and they know exactly what will work for their audiences.
  2. It is a little snapshot of what’s hip currently, what people actually want to hear. Another big time saver!

As I mentioned above, DJCity comes with a related remixes tab. When you click on one song that you like, you don’t have to go analyst mode moving through hundreds of songs to find other remixes that have a similar sound to it. Instead, just click on the related posts. This is really good if you have a set where you want to keep thematic elements to your show and make smooth transitions from one mix to the next to really pump up your crowd.

One thing I really like is the simplicity, as I mentioned before this membership comes with charts. One would think you’d want more than two charts, but the fact is a lot of these digital record pools have TOO many charts. It can become extremely confusing and… well annoying.

DJCity Review – Deal with the Only Two Important Charts

  • Record Pool Hot Box 
  • Record Pool Top Rated

You might imagine what these are.

Basically, the Hot Box are things currently trending with the downloads and ratings, and obviously the Top Rated chart is exactly that… remixes that have been rated very highly by the active DJ City membership base.

Again, super useful and time saving.

The only drawback of this simplicity is you cannot organize the charts by genre. Hopefully in a future update they remedy this issue, as that would be just another feather in DJCity’s cap if they did that. As it stands, there is only two charts for ALL genres. So you can’t exactly search for the top rated hip hop song or the current most trending dubstep selection. 

If that is important to you, you might want to check out another on this list that has more specialized charts. For me, I’m all about simplicity and whatever saves me the most time in my business. Because the more time I can save, the more money my business can earn from producing more content for my audience. (More on this later, if you want to read how to make more money as a DJ check out my article here)

One Other DJCity Issue – Previewing Tracks. A Big Bummer.


While I love DJCity versus the other platforms out there, I got to say… they really need to update this portion of their service. Previewing tracks should be the most obvious needed thing on any online record pool membership site. However… not for our boys.

The previewing tracks here are very low quality. First, you have no idea how long the actual track is, and second the previews are not really suitable for getting a feel for the entire remix. You’ll have to download it first to really hear what is on the other side of that sound file. 

A Saving Grace – DJCity’s Downloads Are Fast! But… Unlimited Downloads Come with a Small Price


While the previewer kind of sucks, you can download a ton of tracks super quickly with this record pool. The only thing you have to do, which is kind of ironic considering the previewer, is provide feedback before you actually download the song. One of the big, BIG reasons why DJCity is able to provide unlimited downloads is because the rating system acts in part as market research for the actual recording labels that these artists use.

Luckily, it is super easy to leave feedback. Type in a sentence, leave a whatever out of 5 stars, click submit and you’re ready to go.

I’m all for market research, I think it’s incredibly important when you’re running and building a business (and if you’re into DJing as an actual career, you should be thinking the same way), however I wish DJCity didn’t separate every song into multiple feedback sessions. What I mean by that is if you are downloading a clean and a dirty version of a song, you’ll have to leave two feedbacks. Potentially leaving 6 feedbacks on the same song for the 6 different versions that DJCity offers.

Not a totally big deal since there are thousands of songs at your disposal with this membership and the feedback process is very smooth. Still, it would be nice to see them group together some of these songs to cut down a little bit more of the “administrative” time that goes into hunting down and finding a good song for your set.

 And again, the speeds are super quick with these downloads, so it really doesn’t take much time when you consider how it is way easier to find popular remixes than on most digital record pools.

DJ City Review Conclusion - Who Should Get DJCity? 

DJ City costs $90 every 3 months at the current time of this writing. If you're trying to build out your music library, it is an awesome resource and despite its flaws I feel it is the best record pool around. Not only do they have a lot of great music to choose from (and always seem to have the newest singles), but they also offer a lot of discounts with their DJ store if you're looking to up your game with some new equipment. 

A nice added benefit for sure. It's money well spent to invest in your DJing career, at $30 bucks a month you basically have an unlimited more than you could ever hope for music to really start playing big at your performances. More than enough to skyrocket any would-be mobile DJ or club scratcher.

If you click the green button below, it'll take you to the DJCity website and you can check it out more in depth there.​