Definitive Dr Drum Beat Maker Software Review – Is Dr Drum Legit?

If you’re want to know if Dr Drum Beat Maker Software works or not… you’re in the right place with this review.downloaddrdrumpicture

Long story short, Dr Drum is legit, it does work, and it is actually pretty good (depending on a few factors).

Those factors are crucial though to see whether or not it is worth actually going through the Dr Drum software download or passing it up for a different beat making software. In this review, I am going go in what does Dr Drum work for, the pros, and of course the cons.

Does Dr Drum Work for as an Online Beat Maker?

First off, Dr Drum is designed to work 100% online.

Whether you have a mac or a PC, it doesn’t matter. When you go for your Dr Drum download, it’ll work on either operating system and is pretty intuitive from out of the gate. After all, it is designed for people just starting to make music using software.

So if you want to start making your own beats, Dr Drum is an excellent starting point.

It comes with a 16 track sequencer.

What this means for you is that you can setup various “rows” of instruments. Imagine being the conductor of an orchestra and then imagine each sequencer being a physical person in your orchestra or band that you are leading.

That’s the basic premise of the sequencers Dr Drum offers in their online music making software.

What is nice about this feature is that it is actually easy to use. Unlike a lot of the leading digital software beat mixers out there, Dr Drum keeps things simple and user friendly.

This helps you get up and going quicker and start making your own beats faster (you could literally be making beats within the first hour of owning this software since it is immediately downloaded to your computer).

Some Features of the Dr Drum Beats 16 Track Sequencer



  • Easily change sounds and patterns (with as little as two clicks)
  • You’ll literally thousands of built-in drumbeats, keys, FX and sounds to use
  • Export your beats from Dr Drums online music maker at professional 44.1 studio quality .wav file (this is really important if you plan on using your beats
  • Cut down on wasted time by letting Dr Drum’s beat machine automatically upload your beats in a video DIRECTLY to your branded Youtube account
  • Adjust volume of each track to create new effects
  • Adjust the “pan effect” of each track
  • Easily adjust the Low, Mid, and High of each track (Super important!)


As you can see, there is a lot going on here and that is just the 16 Track Sequencer!

The 12 Pad Drum Machine that Mimics Any Drum Kit You can Imagine

If you’re new to the whole online beat making software game, you might not be familiar with what a drum machine is.

Basically, it is exactly how it sounds.

A programmable part of a software that enables you to make beats sounding like you have an entire drum kit at your disposal. Dr Drum specifically features 12 pads with their music maker software.

Imagine each pad as being the actual surface of a different drum.

These pads can have a ton of different sounds and effects applied to them to create all sorts of unique beats for your videos and songs.

Here are Some of the Features of the 12 Pad Drum Machine the Dr Drum Music Producing Software Offers

  • Fill 12 Pads PER Drum Kit
  • …With a MASSIVE Selection of Kits Included…
  • Change kits with a single click (easy and simple)
  • Import your own sounds and beats to the music maker software
  • You can mix the volume on each channel any way you want
  • Move complete sounds around in as little as 2 clicks
  • And of course… PROFESSIONALLY mastered sound from each drum machine kit

Not bad. You can pick up a copy of this software here by the way.

Dr Drum Review – 4 Octave Keyboard for Making Some Jams

You can plug in any sample (theirs or your own) and Dr Drum will scan that sound and actually create the 4 octaves for you.drdrumreviewpicture

When it comes making your own beats using online music maker software, you can’t forget the pianos, synths, and string instruments like guitars.

This is all included with everything up above.

Now one of the disadvantages of Dr Drum that I’ll mention here is that you cannot attach a MIDI to the Dr Drum software. While you can’t use a MIDI keyboard, you can still produce a ton of different amazing beats.

If you are a newbie to making beats online, this won’t be that important to you.

On the plus side, you won’t have to deal with expensive MIDI keyboards and annoying cables.


Here are Some Features of Dr Drum Beat Maker’s Four Octave Keyboard

  • All the sounds you could want from sax to piano and FX samples.
  • Important any number of kits you want with 1 click.
  • Thousands of stereo imaged sounds
  • One click to switch between instruments
  • Alter frequency resonance to create Dubstep beats (you know you want to)
  • Create overlapping sounds in seconds

Of course all of these sounds comes in 4.1 stereo 15 bit PCM .wav files, which is the exact way radio stations, bars and clubs play their music so it sounds professional and high quality. (Click here to download Dr Drum now)

How Easy is to Make Rap Beats or Any Other Beats Using Dr Drum? Can You Really Mix in Minutes?

Even though Dr Drum has A LOT of bells and whistles, it is missing out on a few from higher end beat makers.

The thing is though… Dr Drum is actually pretty easy to use.

Other software might take you days to really “figure out” and a lot of headache.

If you’re just starting out, you want to go quick and fast and start making your beats. So how easy is it to make rap beats using Dr Drum?

You could have your first little mix done in under 60 minutes (most likely) just from following their tutorials.

That is the thing I REALLY appreciate about Dr Drum Beats Maker. It is simple plug and play software. Buy it, download Dr Drum, and in less than five minutes you have it installed ready to go on your Mac or PC.

The internet is awesome.

Dr Drum Beat Maker Review – So is this Music Producing Software Any Good?

Now since I’ve described the product a little bit, let’s get into the dirty details of what is good, what is bad and of course… the ugly.

Luckily, there really isn’t that much “ugly” out there with Dr Drum.

Dr Drum Beat Maker Review Pros

  • Instantly downloadable and setup in less than 10 minutes from purchase
  • Works flawless on Mac & PC
  • Thousands of musical samples to use from drum kits, to synths, guitars & more
  • 16 track sequencer with the 4 octave keyboard
  • Incredibly user friendly
  • Free updates for life from the creators
  • Create DJ quality tracks in no time
  • Free “Sell Your Beats” Report (great for those wanting to make money from their music)
  • Newbie friendly

And everything I basically mentioned above in the rest of this article.

Drum Drum Maker Cons

  • Smaller community of users than say Fruity Loops
  • Not MIDI capable
  • Missing a few bells and whistles that more complex beat making software offers
  • Could outgrow the software as you build your repertoire

Remember, if you find yourself disliking the software, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a refund so it is literally no risk to you.

buy dr drum is it legit picture

Who Should Buy Dr Drums Beat Making Software? How Much Does Dr Drum Cost? The Answer is…

Really.. anyone should use this music making program.

And for $29.95 (their current price at the time of writing this), this is one hell of a deal.

Especially if you are just starting out creating your own beats, whether you’re making rap beats, reggae, house, trance or whatever style you like the most, this software is a good option.

For people who are not “techies” but still want to craft their own beats, this is a big plus and really… it just makes sense. As online beat machine, this is up there as one of the easiest softwares to use with a lot of people extremely happy with their purchase.

You can download Dr Drum here.

Hopefully this article helped you.

If you DO want to start getting into creating high quality DJ sound tracks with your creative beats (maybe using Dr Drum itself) click here for our DJ gear reviews.

Good luck making your own beats using Dr Drums online beat maker software, and feel free to check out the rest of our website here.