Jamorama Review: Definitive and Unbiased

In this Jamorama review I am going to ask you a simple question… do you want to learn how to play the guitar?picture of jamoram guitar lessons

I did.

And many other people do, too.

When I was starting, I already had the fundamentals of music under my belt. Full of confidence, I decided to dive into guitar and figure things out as I went along.

It worked…sort of.

Not knowing what I was doing, I obviously had to get the information somehow. So I turned to the internet and searched solutions to my problems as they arose.

How do I hold it? Where do I pluck the strings? HOW do I pluck the strings…

Tiny detail after tiny detail had to be painstakingly searched.

Of course, having some sort of guided instruction would have saved me time and energy. But I was broke and stubborn.

Shoulda Started a Guitar Course. ANY Guitar Course and Saved Myself the Frustration. Luckily, for You There is a Solution with Jamorama Online Guitar Lessons.

Given the popularity of the guitar, it’s no surprise that the internet is swimming in free and paid tutorial services. One of the oldest players in the online guitar lesson game is Jamorama.

Jamorama’s guitar lessons are widely popular and they continue to put out new content regularly. Some people swear by them, and others scorn them. But does Jamorama deserve all the praise and hate it receives on review forums?

Here’s what I think…

Who Can Benefit from Buying Jamoroma? This Review Tells All

In a word: beginners.

The lessons are intended for novice guitar players. An advanced student might glean some useful tips from the lessons, but the majority of the content centers around fundamental skills and guitar theory. If you are an absolute beginner, fear not.

They will start you on the basics and gently guide you in everything from how to hold the guitar to how to strum. I would say anyone who has been playing for less than 2 years would benefit from Jamorama course work.

If you’re an advanced learner, you’re going to be bored.

So What Do Jamorama Guitar Lessons Do Well?

jamorama guitar lessons download

In a word: simplicity.

When embarking on a new skill, simplicity sets you free. The interface isn’t distracting. The information in the lessons is laid out clearly. It’s all there, unobstructed and ready for you to absorb.

Jamorama knows the importance of habit. Little symbols pop up in the guides to make sure you don’t miss key information or develop a bad habit.

Honestly, when I was learning how to play on my own I could have really used tips on what bad habits to avoid and how to replace them with proper habits. Looking back on all the additional time and energy I spent fixing and reforming those mistakes makes me wish I had known better.

On a total side note, the Jamorama Guitar Courses are pretty

They’re just plain nice to look at.

As opposed to YouTube tutorials or tablatures that look like they were written in MS Notepad, the Jamorama lesson interface is clean and intuitive.

Instructional videos are shot at multiple angles so you can ensure that you are fingering notes or strumming correctly. Chord positions are demonstrated both graphically as well as with a real human hand.

When you Download Jamorama Guitar Lessons, Content is Presented


  • Over 250 written lessons are at your disposal once you sign up. The lesson on how to read gjamorama guitar course chord book picuitar tablature (tabs) in particular was presented in a way that anyone could understand. Jamorama also releases several new lessons monthly.
  • The Jamorama Metronome feature places the original Latin terms next to the English tempo settings so you aren’t confused by the musical jargon (allegro,etc).
  • History lessons are snuck in as fascinating little tidbits about things like the body of the guitar.
  • Each song is presented with not only sheet music, but also 2 accompanying audio tracks: one with the guitar part and one without. This gives you a scaffolded learning experience in which you can learn to play independently at your own comfortable pace.
  • 148 video lessons are included. They’re recorded professionally and are generally easy to follow along with.

Jamorama Online Guitar Lessons Throw in Some Bonuses Too

  • There is a Jamorama Chord eBook (in addition to the Jamorama Chord Kit) that tells you all the alternate fingerings for any chord you’ll need to play.
  • Jayde Musica Pro is a fun game Jamorama includes to help you associate positions on the fretboard with notes on the musical staff.
  • 26 Jam Tracks you can play along with at your own pace. These tracks were recorded with professional equipment and sound great on their own. Hopefully they sound better when you play along!
  • Guitar Tuner Pro is software that helps you get your guitar pitch perfect.

Jamorama Review – The  Guitar Lessons Lack Something

And that something is interaction.

The lessons are monodirectional: they go from the screen to you. You don’t get the immediate feedback that you would with a private teacher.

Welcome to learning things online. This is an unavoidable fact of life that can easily be overcome with a little bit of discipline and attention to detail. If you really want to get good at guitar and can’t afford $200 or more a month for professional lessons, then you will need to make the effort.

Jamorama Guitar Lessons can provide the tools from a simple download of the product.

In future versions it would be cool if they added a few more interactive features. If the teachers can’t be with you in person, they should at least try harder to simulate it. Allowing for music tracking and interaction with the fretboard (click on a fret to hear the note) would be a good start.

Progress reporting of some kind wouldn’t hurt, either.

Maybe add quizzes at the end of a unit, or utilize sound recording technology present in most home computers nowadays to analyze a test performance. If it can be done with singing in karaoke parlors, it can be done on a computer with guitars.

When You Download Jamorama – Some Things to Know Before You Buy

buy jamorama reviewYou will gain access to the “members only” area shortly after completing your purchase. This is essentially the user interface, and you can download Jamorama Maestro Software. Maestro allows you to download the lessons and videos you want to use so that they are immediately available.

Once inside, there is a Member’s Forum to chat with other users and troubleshoot any issues you may have Or, you can check out their fairly comprehensive FAQ section or submit a support ticket (inquiry).

Jamorama is supported on mac, pc, and mobile platforms so it is convenient for literally anyone to pick up and learn from the moment of purchase (it’s literally just a download and you’re good to go).

How Much Does Jamorama Ultimate Online Guitar Lessons Cost?

Just $12.95 a month. (I’m not kidding, it’s dirt cheap.)

You can also buy a yearlong subscription for $79, which will save you $67.40 overall in comparison with the couple hundred a month you would be spending with an actual guitar teacher if you went that route. Payment can be done via credit card, PayPal, or online checking account.

They will refund your money up to 60 days after the purchase if you decide you want to give up on learning guitar for some reason.

(You shouldn’t give up because guitar is awesome and you can learn it.)

They also provide a physical copy of the software.

Which is pretty cool, not a lot of digital products will let you get a physical copy of that product these days. You can order the DVD and/or paper versions of lessons but it’s more expensive and comes with online access anyway. Plus you can print out the written lessons online if you get tired of playing in front of a screen.

Should You Download Jamorama?

If you’re a novice…

Who doesn’t want to pay a lot of money for private lessons… But still wants to learn how to play guitar….

Then yes.

This is an affordable and effective system for learning to play the guitar properly. Actually, if your goal is to learn guitar on the internet, Jamorama is the best option for you.

I wish I had used Jamorama when I began playing guitar…. Fortunately, you can go to their website here and download Jamorama Guitar Lessons now.

Rock on!

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