“Shia LaBeouf” – Rob Cantor. One of the Greatest Stories Ever Told…

November 18, 2014

I think it is appropriate to start off the Beat Authority blog by showcasing art truly in the form of music and deep, thoughtful storytelling.

Okay, so Rob Cantor may not exactly be telling a deep story here. But it is certainly told well and amazing. This is something I think DJs could pull off too actually. Sure, they can’t dance around like how Rob Cantor’s dancers are, but they certainly can tell a story with THEIR music just like Rob does here.

And holy shit. What a story it is. Enjoy!

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Awesome videos like that… you just do not come across them every day. Alright, now since I am done geeking out about Rob Cantor’s amazing music video, let’s get back to business. Welcome to Beat Authority, to my first blog post on here, blah blah check out all these awesome software reviews I just put up for your benefit!