Superior Singing Method Review: Is It Any Good?

Who wouldn’t like a superior singing method?superior-singing-method-aaron-anastasi-review

That is exactly what this product offers you. No more expensive private lessons, learn at your own pace and not to mention… a few vocal hacks that are going to really help you out. But this product isn’t for everyone, and I am going to get deeper into that as I dive headlong into Beat Authority’s Superior Singing Method Review.

Does Superior Singing Method Work?

This is a high-quality instructional online tool for those wanting to improve their singing voice.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced…it doesn’t matter what level you’re at.

I do believe that Superior Singing Method can help you become a stronger, more controlled singer.

Here’s why…

Aaron Anastasi-Creator of Supreme Singing Method – Can He Actually Help Improve Your Singing?

Superior Singing Method is definitely no scam.

Professional vocal coach Aaron Anastasi has years of successful experience in the industry and it shows through in these lessons that he created. His method is to target each aspect of singing individually.

By building on one aspect off the other, the building blocks are set and the foundation is laid for you to become a brilliant singer.

Biology of the Spot-on Pitch

Pitch is determined by the anatomy and proper use of the vocal chords.

buy-superior-singing-methodMuscles in the throat pull on these chords, changing their length along with the pitch of your voice.

Everyone who has ever played around with a rubber band knows that when you pluck a string, it vibrates and makes noise. Vocal chords are the strings and your moving breath does the plucking.

You may have also noticed that when you stretch (or elongate) the rubber band, the pitch goes up. The same happens when you stretch your vocal chords. That’s also why hitting high notes puts so much strain on your voice.

Here is a video showing the vocal chords of a singer in real time… (

Superior Singing Method’s vocal chord exercises are designed to strengthen and increase your control over these tiny yet vital muscles, and they do.

A Stronger Singing Voice

Singers are aware of a common paradox.

On one hand, tension is required to change the length of the vocal chords. On superior-singing-review-scamthe other hand, too much superfluous tension can muffle an otherwise powerful voice. Superior Singing Method offers several effective stretching and loosening exercises and tips to release that tension such as…

  • Yawning
  • “Ahhh” scales
  • Drinking plenty of water

These exercises may seem mundane to a beginner reading this review, but professional singers in the music industry swear by them.

Another way to increase the strength of your singing is to open up the cavities of your body (sinuses, chest, etc.) to resonate with your voice. Aaron Anastasi offers up some good tips to improve this aspect of power as well.

Beat Bad Vocal Tone

Your voice is unique, and everyone from beginners to professionals can benefit from being reminded how to let out their own vocal color. Superior Singing Method’s exercises for developing a richer, deeper tonal quality work with your natural voice rather than against it.

Dead-Accurate Precision

Aaron Anastasi Picture

Aaron Anastasi – Creator of the Superior Singing Method

Singers know that one of the most formidable challenges of singing is note mobility. Long scale jumps and octave leaps can often result in over- or under-shooting the mark.

We refer to the ability to skillful transition between notes as precision, and Superior Singing Method targets this dimension of voice control as well.

Part physical training and part self-confidence, you really will improve your accuracy and reduce vocal cracks with the precision training in Superior Singing Method.

Meld Your Head and Chest

Male or female, novice or pro, everyone hits their falsetto voice if they go high enough. This is a normal result of human anatomy and can become beautiful with training. However, there remains a distinct, audible difference between your normal (chest) voice and falsetto (head) voice.

The skillful singer can blend the transition between these two voices into a seamless whole often referred to as the “mixed voice.” Obtaining a smooth mixed voice is one of the more challenging parts of singing, but it can be achieved by anyone who is provided the right exercises.

Superior Singing Method’s mixed voice exercises are effective, and if practiced regularly will lead to a seamless, integrated mixed voice (click here to check out the online singing lessons now)

Stretch Out Your Range

Think of the strain you experience when you try to squeeze out high notes. Do you feel like you’re retracting your throat into the back of your neck to get down superior-singing-method-reviewlow?

Vocal range is influenced by the vocal chords you were born with. That being said, anybody can widen their range with practice.

Plyometric exercises are characterized by explosive muscle contraction under tension followed by a recoil phase.

Plyometric training is often used by professional athletes to…

  • Jump higher
  • Punch harder (Insert plyo training pics)
  • Sprint faster

The same principle of explosive muscle contraction is applied in Superior Singing Method’s range-building exercises to hit high notes while avoiding damage to the vocal chords.

Practicing these exercises WILL increase your range, just be sure not to overdue it. Damaging your vocal chords can set your progress back significantly.

High-Level Techniques

Although Superior Singing Method is suitable, even ideal, for beginners, it also offers value to advanced students.

The Advanced Techniques section is essentially a set of more challenging exercises that beginner and intermediate singers would find too difficult to perform correctly.

These exercises will…

  • Push the boundaries of your range
  • Unleash every last ounce of vocal power
  • Sharpen your pitch even further
  • Allow you control over the most technical songs

Superior Singing Method Course Outline

picture for download superior singing method

The Superior Singing Method lessons are divided up into 8 modules. Each module targets a separate singing quality and the entire course is arranged in a logical manner where previous skills are built upon by new ones.

The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises
  • Module 2 – Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing
  • Module 3 – Mastering Vocal Tone
  • Module 4 – Pitch Exercises
  • Module 5 – Resonance and Singing with Power
  • Module 6 – The Mix Voice and How to Sing Higher Notes
  • Module 7 – Vocal Agility
  • Module 8 – Advanced Vocal Strengthening and Techniques

(The Superior Singing Method actually has 2 bonus modules that Aaraon Anastasi threw in too that is super useful for someone wanting to go pro with their music.)

In Addition…

In order to supplement the lessons and keep students progressing, Superior Singing Method throws…

  • 30 vocal workouts,
  • Daily voice exercises
  • 50 HD instructional videos

This additional content should really be considered equally important to the lessons themselves because without regular practice, progression will be slow or not come at all.

I highly recommend all who use this product to NOT NEGLECT the daily exercises and vocal workouts. Aaron Anastasi’s instructional videos are helpful, as well.

Downsides of the Course

There really aren’t many.

The price is set at an affordable $97. That’s far cheaper than even cheap private voice lessons, which can range from $35 to $200 an hour (source:

It’s also cheaper to buy Superior Singing Method than suspicious or bootleg courses because they’re probably a scam anyway. Besides, if you are going to learn from someone who knows his stuff like Aaron Anastasi, you might as well actually support all the effort he put into making the course.

The deluxe package, which includes additional modules like Superior High Notes, Superior Vocal Health, Superior Vibrato, is actually cheaper at $77.

There is no real risk since they let you return it up to 60 days after purchase if you don’t like it.

As always, I recommend you download Superior Singing Method from the official site here rather than a pirated version that will most likely be missing key content.

Superior Singing Method Review Recap

Superior Singing Method really is an all-around effective collection of lessons and exercises that will lead to student progression if used according to schedule.

Using this course, Aaron Anastasi’s lessons will help you increase your:

  • Vocal strength
  • Tone
  • Precision
  • Mixed Voice
  • Range

The only way a student won’t see results is if they don’t stick to the program.

Also, It’s a convenient, browser-based download that you can start using right away.

If you’re looking to improve your singing but can’t afford private vocal coaching, you would do well to buy Superior Singing Method from their official website.

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